"Doctors hate using EMR systems"

With HealthMe, doctors can focus on their patient and things that really matters !

No more time wasted on computers

No more time wasted looking for patient records


No more time wasted on documenting patient hospitalisation

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Why HealthMe ?

The problem

Doctors are trained to treat patients. Paperwork and medical documentation have become a burden that need an effective solution.

HealthMe is developing a NLP and AI-driven platform that will automatically generate medical reports during consultations.

Our solution

Through our technology we will give back time to doctors and also improve the patient-doctor relationship, by giving patients instant access to their medical records.


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Our Product



Time effeciency


Low cost

Our patient interface gives you access to your medical records and reports every time, everywhere, and immediately after the consultation. You can share your data with whoever you want.

If you are a patient, you can also benefit from HealthMe!

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Informed decisions

In case of emergency

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